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Cup Winners 2012
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No. Award Age Group Winner
1 Baby Cup Under 5 Amelie Dekker
2 Baby Classical 5 years Brooke Fordyce
3 Baby Stage 5 years Brooke Fordyce
4 Junior Ballet 12 and under James and Samuel Large
5 Senior Ballet 13 and over Hollie Tuxford
6 Junior Modern 12 and under Georgia Farrow
7 Senior Modern 13 and over Hollie Tuxford
8 Junior Tap 12 and under Georgia Farrow
9 Senior Tap 13 and over Georgina Downey
10 Junior Greek 12 and under Millie Rose White
11 Senior Greek 13 and over Charlotte Dunn
12 Junior National 12 and under Jenna Spray
13 Senior National 13 and over Beth Beazleigh
14 Junior Character 12 and under Samuel Large
15 Senior Character 13 and over Georgia Fawcett
16 Senior Lyrical Modern 13 and over Grace Beazleigh
17 Junior Song & Dance 12 and under Maisie Edwards
18 Senior Song & Dance 13 and over Georgia Fawcett
19 Baby Classical Duet 7 and under Aaron Adams and Bo Reed
20 Juvenile Classical Duet 9 and under Enya Turner and Megan Watmough
21 Junior Classical Duet 12 and under James and Samuel Large
22 Senior Classical Duet 15 and under Lucy Renouf and Alyssia McDermott
23 Advanced Classical Duet 21 and under Georgia and Laurel Fawcett
Zoe Snowball and Eleanor Fitzgerald
24 Baby Stage Duet 7 and under Molly Frances and Leeonie Kwayie
25 Juvenile Stage Duet 9 and under Keira Chapman and Lily Manser
26 Junior Stage Duet 12 and under Madison Bailey and Rachael Gilby
27 Senior Stage Duet 15 and under Charlotte and Georgina Downey
28 Advanced Stage Duet 21 and under Blaise and Sienna Colangelo
29 Baby Classical Trio 7 and under Rebecca Wojcik, Bethany Hennessy,
Millie Rose White, Maya Godlonton-White
30 Juvenile Classical Trio 9 and under Tilly Collins, Molly Williams, Amelia Eagle, Olivia Fothergill
31 Junior Classical Trio 12 and under Caitlin, James and Samuel Large
32 Senior Classical Trio 15 and under Beth Beazleigh, Charlotte Torode, Grace Banks, Sasha St John
33 Advanced Classical Trio 21 and under
34 Baby Stage Trio 7 and under Aaron Adams, Ruby Yates, Ellen Betts
35 Juvenile Stage Trio 9 and under Keira Chapman, Anya Etuate, Lily Manser
36 Junior Stage Trio 12 and under Kate Latter, Ruby Mae Race, Sophie Reed
37 Senior Stage Trio 15 and under Jody Laughton-Zimmerman,
Isabel Haskett-Jackson, Zvea Filz
38 Advanced Stage Trio 21 and under Amy and Stephanie Loonie, Lydia Gaterell, Ruby Mae Race
39 Classical Group 7 and under Southborough School
40 Stage Group 7 and under
41 Classical Group 9 and under Associates
42 Stage Group 9 and under Lacey Theatre Arts
43 Classical Group 12 and under Dance Consortium
44 Stage Group 12 and under Associates
45 Classical Group 15 and under Dance Consortium
46 Stage Group 15 and under Dance Consortium
47 Classical Group 21 and under Dance Consortium
48 Stage Group 21 and under Roshe
49 Adult Group
Special Awards
50 Most Promising Juvenile 9 and under Kyanne Cheung
51 Most Promising Junior 12 and under Kendra Colangelo
52 Most Promising Senior 13 and over Gabrielle Cocca
53 Classical Aggregate 9 and under Charlotte Ross, Gower Footsie and Bethany Harrison Angela
54 Classical Aggregate 12 and over Samuel Large
55 Classical Aggregate 13 and over Anne Marie Pollock and Emily Langham
56 Endeavour Trophy Ellie Duggan
57 The Dance with the Highest Mark Roshe (21 and Under Stage Group)
58 Senior Bursary Award and Cup Emily Langham
59 Marion Roberts Cup for Choreography Elizabeth Witt (Dance Consortium)
60 School with the Highest Points Associates
61 Most Promising Classical Dancer Lucy Renouf
62 Junior Bursary and Kent Youth Ballet Cup James and Samuel Large
63 Strength and Grace Cup Bethany Harrison
64 Most Promising Boy James and Samuel Large
65 Junior Musicality Kanya Montecillo
65 Senior Musicality Georgia Fawcett